Greetings from Sweetheart Farm!!

28 Apr

Greetings from Sweetheart Farm in Sebastopol! I never dreamed that I would actually write a blog, as my general opinion has been “who cares?” My son keeps encouraging me to have a blog, so that I can share what goes on at Sweetheart Farm. That way he and others will have a way to check in (or check up) on us, as we make our way through this new life we have created for ourselves.

I retired on 11-11-11 after a 40 year career in Real Estate. My partner and I bought this wonderful slice of paradise about 3 years ago….anticipating retirement and moving to a place that was “country” and had more land and more space indoors than we had in Menlo Park.

We rented our Sebastopol home for 2 years (initially that felt like an eternity) with the goal of remodeling before we moved in full time. On June 1, 2011, the five month remodel began. Cheryl moved up here and lived in one room for 5 months….it happened to be the only room that she could shut a door on and have a somewhat dust free, private area to sleep, eat, and pee in a bucket at night:) She set up a makeshift kitchen in the laundry room….with the cabinets that were removed from our kitchen, a camp stove, a microwave, and a hot pot. What more do you need anyway? Oh yes, she did have a working shower and toilet….most of the time, and not always in the same room. For about 2 months she lived with canvas over the exterior doors and windows…it is a wonder that she didn’t have racoons visit at night.

I would come up once, sometimes twice a week and help as much as possible….picking oranges adn apples, harvesting lettuce and other veggies. I would take these home to friends at the office and freeze, or dehydrate what we kept for ourselves. Many nights I would be up until midnight doing what I could to preserve our harvested fruits and veggies. I bought a 9 drawer dehydrater and have loved every minute of that activity….dehydrating nuts, fruits, veggies. I even made BBQ dehydrated onion rings, kale chips, BBQ chips. I also made my first batch of sauerkraut!! I am a domestic goddess afterall.

We told our contractor that we wanted to be moved in by our 10th anniversary in October. We actually made the physical move on 11-1-11. It was a beautiful clear and sunny day! I took a photo of SF from the Vista Point on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge to memorialize just how crystal clear and perfect the day was. The move was smooth, with little or no damage to anything. Leaving our home in Menlo Park was not as emotional as I thought it would be. I had lived there for 28 years and had deep roots in the Peninsula communtiy where I had lived for over 40 years. My friend Robin told me that I would have time to plant new seeds in Sebastopol, since I would not move into our home for a couple of years….sage advice, indeed.

I rented our home in Menlo Park to a single Mom…it seemed fitting, since I was a single Mom when I bought it. I hope they will be very happy there. It is a wonderful home that I loved , and it suited me very well for many, many years. It also happens to be my clean and sober home, which made it even more special.

In this blog, I hope to chronicle our remodel, our garden, our orchard, our enterprises, food, guests, local events, animal and bird sightings and anything else that comes to mind that I feel compelled to write about or document with photos.

I will leave it at that, for now, and continue after a few more ideas germinate. I hope to make this blogging a fun way to memorialize this lovely time in our lives. We are so blessed….and life is so good!